sunshine and shadow (winter quilt) , hand-dyed using Alaskan wildflowers and berries, hand-sewn and hand-quilted cotton, SAD light, 74" x 74" x 3'   
  halibut hook  , paper, glow-in-the-dark line   
  rake , paper, wild alaskan blueberry residue, 10"l x 6"w x 4"h      
  wildflowers (all summer in a day) , oil on panel, wood, plastic sheeting, 10" l x 6" w x 3" h      
  wildflowers (all summer in a day) , detail      
 hand-made netting tools, paper      
  net and netting tools , paper, twine, unraveled socks       
 rock weight detail, paper, graphite, unraveled sock      
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